Air King PWC10R 10-Inch Round Professional Hood Wall Cap

Air King PWC10R 10-Inch Round Professional Hood Wall Cap

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  • Professional hood wall cap matched to your system's needs
  • Has a 10-inch diameter
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Includes a built in back draft damper
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty
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I called AirKing customer service and they confirmed that there is no spring in this vent. It seems well made with heavy gauge metal, but I could see a problem with wind making that noise like other reviewers mentioned. I guess you can put some foam weatherstripping or equivalent to stop the noise if you experience any. I also ordered the Broan-Nutone 641. I will edit this review once I get it to compare the two.

Maybe my rating is unfair because I don't think the description mentioned that it was spring loaded, and maybe the designers felt that the spring would be problematic over time. So if you only want a gravity damper, then you won't go wrong with this product.

EDIT 8/25/11: I just got the Broan 641 (for 6" round duct) wall cap. Now this is a thing of beauty. Full weatherstripping around entire damper for no noise and a gentle spring to keep damper closed. Might be a touch lighter guage metal than the Airking, but I'm going to go with the Broan. The bird cage is an added plus. Well made.
By Jack Paine August 17, 2011
This was an Warehouse deal. I was a little leery about buying an item that had been returned, but I thought the new ones were a bit overpriced. The vent was packaged very well with no signs of damage. The vent was however slightly bent on the back where it mounts to the wall. A couple of taps with a rubber hammer and you could never tell where it was formerly bent.

This vent is made from aluminum so the time to paint it is before it's mounted. Wipe it down with some white vinegar, dry it off, and spray paint it the desired color. The paint should last a lifetime without peeling. This trick works for aluminum gutters also.
By Gary March 8, 2015
Floppy and lighter gauge than expected based on other reviews. The pop rivets that hold the outer cover on have both disconnected on the left side, so in addition to the rattle due to lack of a spring, now that metal is banging around too.

The damper itself won't sit closed, its always slightly open - I'll be replacing this ASAP.
By Annie Veronica April 28, 2018
Works great for my needs. It was fairly easy to cut with a rotary tool. The damper opens right up when air is flowing and shuts (via gravity not a spring) when the air is not flowing.
By ellz July 4, 2017
This cap is very noisy, when the wind blows. I read that on other reviews and discounted the info......but it is true! It is very problematic and we are working to find a solution or to find a new wall cap. Find a better wall cap!
By JR January 7, 2017
arrived dented , and slap didnt fully closed when installed.
By _Jonathan January 2, 2018
its a piece of aluminum that was bent into shape. sections were dented, and seemed poor quality construction with rivets to hold it in place. the damper was loud and clunky. would have been effective in a section of the house where it would be installed, forgotten and not heard. but I needed one to be installed in the front of my house, and got a plastic one instead.
By Hans A. November 30, 2015
Received what seem a decent wall cap for the money. The metal gauge seems sufficient for the 8" size I got. I can definitely see how banging in the wind would be an issue... I'd had plans to install weak magnets to ameliorate the issue. Unfortunately the hinge on the damper flap wasn't attached on one side and is obviously supposed to be installed before riveting on the cover - a pretty obvious oversight by the manufacturer. I'm undecided as to whether to try my luck with another one or switch brands.
By Natalie April 18, 2014