Assholes: A Theory Paperback – April 22, 2014 Aaron James Anchor 0804171351 Popular Culture - General

Assholes: A Theory Paperback – April 22, 2014 Aaron James Anchor 0804171351 Popular Culture - General

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In some ways it reads like a college textbook but the content makes it well worth the effort when the going gets a little tough. Aaron James for better or worse has produced a handbook for our times and hits the mark when it comes to diagnosing what in the hell is wrong with us, how we have lost the capacity to treat each other in a civilized manner. The book is a wake-up call and how with very little effort we have the power to change society for the better.
By Michael Kaiser January 26, 2017
Don't be fooled by the title! This book is a serious piece of moral, social and political philosophy that requires appropriate training and background to understand and critique fully. Nonetheless, as an attempt to draw persons into the discussion, the book's title constitutes a valiant attempt to lure people into serious reflection on the state of our current culture. I want to encourage readers at all levels of preparation to have a go at James's valuable contribution to our comprehension of our nation's current state of affairs.
By TH July 31, 2017
With a title like this I expected some humor...there is little or none. Prof. James is clearly a very smart guy. He writes in great detail establishing his points with an abundance of thought and a seemingly endless fountain of never-ending description. Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily make a good read. He seems to take page upon page to make a point...then makes the same point again using more words and pages. As I read, I found my mind wandering not because it was thought-provoking but because it goes on and on. I applaud him for his intellect and tenacity regarding his points but this book is not for me. Out of respect for his effort (...and my own optimism that the pace of this book magically picks up in the last third) I will muddle through it. I think a better editor could've have done a lot with this. Great title, smart guy...boring read.
By Christian Baggett January 28, 2018
Too funny, to well written, to REAL! They are out there, heres how to get a handle on em!
By MC October 10, 2017
By obiwan December 11, 2017
This is a well written and well researched book. It provides valuable insight about the a$$hole! I wish it would provide more methods to counter the impact the a$$hole has on society. We need more ways to lessen the impact.
By Frederick Webb September 22, 2018
Finally, some clarity....
By Connie Margaret October 2, 2017
Funny imaginative easy read!! Not for the faint of heart.
By Corky August 2, 2017