DU-HA Under Seat Storage Fits 06-14 & 2017 Honda Ridgeline, Black, Part #50074

DU-HA Under Seat Storage Fits 06-14 & 2017 Honda Ridgeline, Black, Part #50074

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  • Fits 06-14 & 2017 Honda Ridgeline, Part #50074
  • Store your gear and valuables safely out of sight underneath your back seat
  • Engineered to fit your specific truck with matching interior colors
  • Includes organizers/gun racks; this model holds up to (3) shotguns or rifles, 2 with scopes
  • Made in the USA from heavy duty polyethylene with a lifetime warranty
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FYI, it does fit a 2017 and 2018 Honda Ridgeline, perfectly.

The real question here is whether you can justify the cost. It's expensive, sure, but it does exactly what it claims to - transforms your under-seat storage into a discreet compartment. Great for stashing your laptop, a snow kit, or anything else you don't want rattling around the trunk or in plain view. Once the seat is down, it's a secure fit with absolutely no rattling, and the dividers do a good job of modularizing the storage.
By Bryce Nyeggen December 1, 2017
stores rifle well, had to carve out one of the dividers deeper than designed, my scope was hitting the seat But I love it. I feel I can travel and not worry about people walking by when its parked and staring in at a rifle, nor do I worry so much about someone thinking they are going to break in because they see a nice rifle for the taking, this is out of sight.
By ncdave December 18, 2017
LOve this thing! Should have bought it years ago. Keeps things neatly tucked away. Some reviews indicated that the compartment separators were flimsy. I did not find that to be the case at all. The separators are very sturdy and have u-shaped notches in them that allows for convenient storage for long items such as a golf size umbrella, while still utilizing the separate individual compartments. Very cool design.
By niblick August 28, 2015
I was getting mixed answers on will it fit a 2014 ridgeline or not, went to the du-ha website and the 50074 - black
would work .
I received it today, it took more time for me to lift the seats up than to install the du-ha, fits PERFECT.
By mr mud April 8, 2014
No problem storing three long guns (two 28-inch barrel shotguns and one 22-inch barrel M1A) simultaneously, along with a couple of boxed handguns. Storage bin cannot be accessed without opening Ridgeline's doors to operate seat-release handles. Easy to drop bin into place or pull to fully use backseat seats-up area.
By B. Johnson July 15, 2016
This item fits perfectly but without a front opening, impossible to access without lifting seat. I wouldn't discourage anyone from buying this as I was unable to find a better option, but I think the manufacturer / dealer would still make a nice profit if they sold this at half of what I paid for it (If you know what I mean).
By Jam1 October 14, 2015
Put in 2017 Ridgeline .. fits great and makes the under-seat area usable storage rather than just an open area.
By DWS May 10, 2017
Fit nice and easy to put in and take out. Allows you to choose if you want compartments. Stores things nicely under the seat with easy access when you lift seat.
By Kevin Gootee August 7, 2017