JAMIE OLIVER Mortar and Pestle, Polished Granite, 6 Inch DKB JB5101

JAMIE OLIVER Mortar and Pestle, Polished Granite, 6 Inch DKB JB5101

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  • Granite mortar and pestle allows for quickly crushing spices, herbs and more
  • Constructed with thick walls and base to form a generous 2 cup capacity
  • Unpolished mortar interior and pestle tip for effective grinding
  • Before using, season the mortar with white rice, followed by garlic then cumin with salt and pepper
  • Rinse with warm water and air dry, do not use soap
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I. love. it!. I heard about Jamie Oliver and that piqued my interest but I read reviews on other products before buying and decided to go with this one.
I was a bit nervous that it would be too small or too smooth but it is just right for and I have no regrets. I look forward to making curry pastes and pesto. It was well packed when it arrived and was easy to season. It holds 2 cups of water when filled to the brim. I used it to crush some garlic and it worked great! I love its size and the way it handles. I used to use a wood mortar and pestle and didn't like that it would absorb all the smells. This cleans easy and the best part is that it doesnt leave any odor behind.
By Amazon Customer November 6, 2016
Awesome set! DO NOT drop it on your foot - this product is VERY heavy! It is beyond well made. Great packaging, and I definately love this purchase. I cannot rate it at 5 stars because there are no care/use instructions. Specifically, there is no info about SEASONING the mortar & pestle. Jamie - please include a small card, or print something on the box.....rinse with water, do not wash with soap, and season very well prior to using. You have a winning product, but an inexperienced cook could easily ruin it.
By mglvr May 1, 2016
I always wanted an unpolished granite mortar and pestle and so happy I got this one. It holds a lot and is a bit heavy (expected) but cute. Make sure to season it using rice method. It helps even out stones so particles don't end in your food plus getting rid of powdery dusty build up from sitting in warehouse. When done, Just perfect. This came without instructions so I did my own research. I prefer the rice and water method etc...
By wendon December 24, 2017
After a third time in two weeks crushing dried rosemary between waxed paper with a rolling pin I'd had enough of this old-fashioned way of doing it and bought......a granite mortar and pestle designed back when man first learned to use tools. I've always liked the way they looked in pretty much any material, but have no counter space to speak of. I think this polished one is just lovely, especially after I seasoned it because it's all the same shade now.
This is just the right size for my purposes and holy cow, does it make short work of grinding spices and herbs. Three minutes of rolling pin vs 12 seconds of mortar/pestle for the same amount of dried rosemary. I've been buying a few yummy dried whole spice blends from a spice shop. Now that it's not such a pain to grind them I'm looking forward to exploring all the other blends.
By JBR December 3, 2017
Hefty size and strength. Seemed like it would have been good to use. Bought it for my wife's birthday and she liked its look and fell. Inside the shipping box, the M&P box was itself wrapped firmly in bubble wrap but the pestle was loose inside the shell of bubble wrap. Upon cutting off the bubble wrap, the pestle was broken in half and the mortar was chipped on the inner rim. See pictures for size, scale, and damage.
By SLC-Jackie August 6, 2016
My wife makes her own spicy sauces and cutting peppers is not the same as crushing. This thing is nice and heavy/stable, and makes those peppers fall apart into delicious fluid that is easier to spread over your next creation. The size is just right at about 6 inches diameter. Well made and easy to hand wash. I love this product and recommend it to people that love to make herbal (garlic, peppers, onions) seasoning for steaks or homemade remedies.
By Ada Wong November 12, 2015
We were looking for a mortar & pestle set large enough to make it functional for mashing avocados and other veggies instead of just small herbs and spices. This is really a nice set with the inside just rough enough to make for a good surface for grinding. The outside is smooth, though not highly polished into a gloss. Nicely rustic but doesn't damage the counter tops. My only negative is that when it was sent, the pestle was free to roll about the box and I'm amazed there wasn't damage to either the mortar or pestle! Some protective packing needs to be considered for future shipments.
By Shears April 28, 2016
Dimensions mortar bowl outside diameter 5.5" inside diameter 4.25" , height 4 1/8" , mortar inside depth bottom to rim 2.50", now for pestle 6.25" length and 1.5" wide on the grinding end and 1" on the top handle end. Well I got mixed reviews about this one and I am glad I still ordered it and got it, the price is not that off if you get free shipping. I like using mortar and pestles, got several in different styles some white oak, olive wood, some other wood and a Mexican volcanic rock, a smaller marble one and a large Thai granite one. This one is in the middle size range as the Thai one I got dwarfs this one when you put them next to each other. It is a very pretty mortar and pestle very nice color its not that heavy you can move it around with ease unless you got weak arms or you are not used to carrying anything. It is machine made in China but with a very good quality control it is polished on the outside and raw or naked on the inside, the pestle is polished except for the grinding end. You get better grinding with a raw finish or unfinished surface. I am very happy with it and I do like my large Thai one it fits more ingredients but this one is perfect for daily use and enough to do the necessary grinding in your kitchen, plus it is so pretty to look at. I don't regret buying, it has become one of my favorite mortar and pestles out of the several I have. ***Note on bottom of mortar there is the name Jamie Oliver 2 engraved on it, don't know it might be the second edition or improved design of the mortar and pestle, don't know.
By Jaime Nunez November 13, 2014