Zenware Heavyweight Mortar and Pestle - Black Granite

Zenware Heavyweight Mortar and Pestle - Black Granite

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  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 - Mortar and Pestle Set; Dimensions – Mortar: 4.5" Diameter x 2.5" Height and Pestle: 5.5” Length; Total Weight: 1.1 kg. Choose from White Marble, Polished Black Granite, or Unpolished Grey Granite.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL GRINDER: Perfect gift, pill smasher, or kitchen essential for meal prep and smash small portions of whole spices or herbs. Make homemade freshly ground spice blends in the comfort of your own kitchen.
  • HEAVY-DUTY DURABLE DESIGN: Made of high-quality material designed with a heavyweight pestle, mortar walls, and base for outstanding balance to easily crush and grind ingredients while cooking.
  • DROOL WORTHY DISHES: Perfect crusher and grinders for food, seeds, salsa, dip, guacamole, and nuts to make any dish or condiment more appealing.
  • CUSTOMER FIRST: Reliable customer service is our priority. This Zenware Mortar and Pestle Set comes with the Zenware Brand 90-Day No-Hassle Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and 1-year Manufacturer Warranty.
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Perfect for grinding particularly large, hard sea salt which destroyed a standard grinder. Have to hide it so my roommates don't use it for something messy like mint for mojitos. Nice and heavy, good roughness on the inside of the bowl for efficient crushing and grinding, pestle is nice and heavy as well. Pay attention to the cleaning instructions! This should last for years if properly maintained. And the cream colored stone is beautiful, too!
By Cee Brown May 21, 2018
I'm dabbling in egg tempera painting, and since whole jars of pigments are extremely pricey, especially if I only need a tiny bit of a particular color, I thought grinding up pastel sticks in a mortar and pestle might work and ordered this set. It came promptly and is heavy and polished on the outside and slightly rough on the inside, which I think helps the pulverizing process. I took a pastel, started grinding, and got a super fine powder in almost no time, can't wait to paint with it. (If anyone else tries this, remember to wear a mask so you don't inhale any pigment.) The mortar and pestle cleaned up easily with some soap and warm water. Although the color I ground up was a bright red, so the inside of the mortar is a tiny bit pink and probably always will be, I am very pleased.
By L. Schaefer August 30, 2017
Do not purchase this product, after only a handful of uses the pestle snapped in half under normal use conditions. Unfortunately it fell outside the return window so I’m stuck 😡
By Casey Stutzman December 20, 2017
The product says the inside is not smooth. It IS SMOOTH and so is the pestle. Absolute waste I can't grind down any things like rose petals or light objects because there is no traction at all.
By Amazon Customer August 21, 2017
My last mortar & pestle was porcelain. I liked it, but it dropped and broke. This is definitely heavy weight. If I drop this one, it'll probably be the tile on the floor that ends up breaking! Very nice price for what you get.
By Grumble October 6, 2017
bought it for my son-in-law so he could make me a "homemade" Old Fashion
his friends wanted to know where he got it from and naturally he said - well worth the $, heavy duty, and many "thanks" from him
By gingee September 7, 2017
Very happy with the Black Zenware Mortar & Pestle I purchased. I'm happy so far, as the last time I used a mortar & pestle was in some sort of high school chemistry experiment a long time ago in a school district far-far away. So, I'm not a mortar & pestle connoisseur. It's nice and heavy, and the finish is good. I used it for the first time today to break up some brown sugar that had clumped, and I'm satisfied it works well enough for my purposes.
By Amazon Customer February 9, 2018
beautiful! great for crushing up the darker spices so I dont stain my grey one lol
By Durchi April 25, 2018