A Christmas Story 20 inch Leg Lamp Prop Replica by NECA 40000

A Christmas Story 20 inch Leg Lamp Prop Replica by NECA 40000

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Product Description

This 20in A Christmas Story Leg Lamp by NECA is a genuine prop replica from the beloved holiday classic! No Christmas is complete without the family sitting down to watch Ralphie's misadventures. Now you can light up the living room with a comical leg lamp, just like the one in the movie! And you don't have enter any sweepstakes to get it.

From the Manufacturer

Christmas Story 20" tall Desk lamp Leg. Lamp plugs in and lights up under the top shade as well and the leg itself lights.

Christmas is by far our favorite holiday and the Christmas Story the most watched movie in our house. It was only fitting that I buy this mini version of the "major award" to sit stoic in our front window throughout the holiday. How we love it!! I read one review that said pay attention to the bulb size because the lamp didn't come with bulbs. So I bought nightlight size bulbs for the leg and an appliance size bulb for the lamp. I almost broke the leg trying to figure out how to get it apart to put the night light bulb inside only to discover the only bulb I needed was the appliance bulb for the lamp,the night light bulb was already inside the leg. I highly recommend buying your own mini major award and enjoy the many nights of holiday pleasure it will bring you and your family. IT'S. SO. AWESOME!!!!
By Mimi January 7, 2017
If your into a "Christmas Story" this is as close to having that "Fragile" one as you can get but on a smaller scale! Lights up just like the original and looks almost the same. Great gift for those "Christmas Story" fans. Ok, how do I know??? Married to one of them and she has an "Aunt Clara bunny suit" along with a "Red Ryder - No, you'll shoot your eye out BB gun" to prove it. Btw, if you get a chance try to visit the Christmas Story House in Cleveland Ohio while seeing the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Hope this helped.
By FoodNut December 29, 2016
This is perfect desk size. Its electric so no batteries to change-- doesn't come with the light bulbs so have to get those before it goes to my husbands office to be used all year long. Impressive though- the shade is double sides and built well. The wood base holds it flat and secure. The box is the only place I found the bulb size though and it needs 2 different sizes- leg and top. Save the directions for placing the leg bulb. My only complaint is that it should give the bulb sizes so it can be used right away. Great "major award" for any fan!
By maria schwarz December 30, 2015
Have this lamp on my bar for over 2+ years and it fits so well! I absolutely love this and get compliments all the time when we entertain and people always ask "Where did you get that, I want one."
By Miss Discipline January 13, 2016
The laughter this lamp brought to the family was priceless! My nephew broke his leg when asked what he wished for his present he said a new leg! Lol! Making wishes come true!
By RockinJess April 26, 2017
I'm so glad I got this lamp. While I enjoyed the movie, I'm not a fanatic or anything. I just like weird stuff. Lol. I originally saw this lamp in person at my girlfriends house. It always made me smile, and I finally decided to get one. Couldn't be happier. Sits on the table in my kitchen, by the window, where anyone walking up my drive can see it. Casts a nice glow too. Use the leg as a nightlight when I go to bed. As for the bulb, I ended up using a "60 watt" LED bulb, which actually only uses a low amount of energy and doesn't get hot. Problem solved there. Get it.
By I like what I like gal December 17, 2016
What a hit! Got this lil surprise and put on husbands night stand! It is 3-way.., just the top shade, just the leg or both. Sometimes we leave on the leg for a nightlight. I think I like it more than he does!! LOL
By LSU Fan! November 19, 2017
I just received this lamp ! So in love ! My husband and daughter hate it and I truly hope they not going to mess with it ha ha )) It is beautiful, small version but very well done. I put it in my bay window already even though it is not even Thanksgiving yet . I may keep it all year round there ! So in love ! Christmas story is my favorite holiday movie, I was very happy to get this great lamp for this price!
By Myopinionmatters November 9, 2017