Excelvan 150 Inch 16:9 Projector Screen High Contrast Collapsible PVC Front Projection Design with Hanging Hole Grommets for Portable Home Indoor Outdoor Movie Match Party 170526-M6

Excelvan 150 Inch 16:9 Projector Screen High Contrast Collapsible PVC Front Projection Design with Hanging Hole Grommets for Portable Home Indoor Outdoor Movie Match Party 170526-M6

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  • 【Priority Warranty】: All Excelvan projector screens have 24 months replacement and 30 business days full refund warranty, 100% satisfaction and zero hassle return guaranteed.
  • 【Wide Viewing angle】: With 1.1-1.2 gain and 160° viewing angle, 16:9 screen format and diagonal 150", offering 22.1x12.4cm/87.17”x49.02” viewing area.
  • 【Durable】: PVC Composite resin material, smooth non-deformation surface, and reinforced edges, 32 grommets installed make the screen convenience durable in use.
  • 【32 Hanging Holes】: Hanging holes offer easy and quick installation. Lightweight and compact one-piece design, convenient to carry and easy to set-up. This screen is an upgraded one with holes, for the velcro one, please see B00SZLNUEY.
  • 【Easy to Clean】: Can be spot cleaned with mild soap or water. However, please do NOT use abrasives, it will cut off the life of the screen.
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Color:150" 16:9 Collapsible with Grommets

There maybe some wrinkles on the surface of the brand new item, but no need to worry about it,
wrinkles will disappear naturally after hung it up on a wall for about 3 days. Besides, because
of its excellent tensile properties, you can also remove the wrinkle in a second by pull the wrinkles
with your hands slightly.

●Smooth PVC material surface which exhibits excellent high definition resolution video display.
●Compact and travel-friendly option for home theater movies, small meetings, camping, presentations in conference, public display, etc.
●It with the extremely low reflectivity and high average values of the projection display, providing a perfect flicker-free visual enjoyment with optimal crystal clear images and color reproduction.

●Gain: 1.1-1.2
●Material: PVC
●Aspect Ratio: 16:9
●Net Weight: 3.3 KG
●Gross Weight: 3.5 KG
●Light Transmittance: 85%
●Viewing Angle: 160 Degree
●Diagonal Measurement: 150 inch
●Product Size: 130.7 x 73.5 inches/332 x 187 cm
●Package Size: 13.39 x 12.2 x 1.97 inches/34 x 31 x 5cm

Package Contents:
●1 x Projector Screen
●1 x Screen Bag (Gift)

I bought this for movie nights in the back yard, and it is perfect for the job!
Yes, it does come folded in a bag, and there are some visible creases when you first unpack it. We stretched it onto a frame and the creases pulled out. After a day on the frame, there are no visible lines anywhere on the screen.
There are more grommets on the screen than pictured in the photo - unclear of that is a product improvement or if I just got lucky. When we stretched the screen, there were no visible pull lines or gaps.
The image was bright and crisp, and many of our friends commented on how close to a real cinema experience it was. At one point during the movie, the neighbor behind us turned on a porch light and it did not affect the quality of the image on the screen. We plan to do movie night every Tuesday, and might even keep it going through the winter if we can get a shelter built for the projector.

If you are interested in building a PVC frame, the product dimensions are 107" x 60". We were able to make the frame using three 20 ft lengths of 1" PVC. You might want to size that up to 1.5" for stability, but we just used guy lines to secure it. I'm including photos of our set up so you can see the basic layout of the frame. For reference, the long pieces of pipe are 54" and the shorter ones are 30". For connectors, we used 2 elbows, 8 t's, and two crosses. We chose not to cap the feet, but if you want to do so then you would need six end caps.
We attached the frame using 11" zip ties. Our total cost for the frame was $40 at Lowe's.
By Sarcastipeg July 5, 2017
This screen is great. I made a frame for it out of 1-1/2" PVC pipe. If anyone wants to do this, here's my measurements for the PVC pipes, which turned out perfect. Here's what you need:
5-10 ft. pipes / 3 elbows / 12 tees / 32 14" zip ties
4 pipes cut to 56-1/4" - top & bottom of screen, 2 each.
3 pipes cut to 65" - L & R sides and 1 back brace
3 pipes cut to 24" - Legs
4 pipes cut to 11-12" - Feet
2 pipes cut to 10" - Back brace (these can be longer, depending on your needs. 10" worked for me.
Save all scraps for leg bottoms
Once everything is sized and cut, assembly takes about 10 minutes! If you're quick, entire frame can be done in 20-25 minutes with cutting and assembly. Another 10-15 minutes to hang the screen with zip ties, less if you have a helper. Look at the pics for elbow and tee placement. Total cost of frame was about $35. A lot of the wrinkles in the screen will disappear as you hang the screen with zip ties. Manufacturer says to allow 3 days for wrinkles to go away. Once we turned on the projector, nobody noticed the wrinkles. Enjoy! We are!
By Amazon Customer August 26, 2017
 great product, virtually wrinkle free once it's hung (make sure it's reasonably 'taunt'. Bright image, great black backing so no bleed-through occurs or cast a 'wall of light' into the neighborhood. I made a frame w/PVC but tossed it since it was too flimsy; I then bought a basic background stand (Fancier Studio TB30) for $35 but had to modify it to 12' to make it wider (using 10' ABS pipe 1 1/2" wide; with an an additional 2' section joined with coupler; about $8 total) from home depot; used Kotap BB-6B Ball Bungee, 6-Inch, Black, 25-Piece $7. Couldn't be more happier, beats spending thousands for a 10' HD TV!
By JAMES KERRY September 4, 2017
Package arrived as scheduled. I purchased PVC material for the frame and set the whole thing up the same day. We have it indoors for now until the weather improves. I set the frame up without the stands. The frame can be disassembled or reconfigured to have legs/stands, i.e. I didn't glue it together. I'll add the stands later for outdoor use (possibly using the buckets with concrete or with the simple T-feet reinforced with tent guylines and tent pegs as described in other reviews).

Note: The actual measurements of the screen were 75" x 130" (measured from corner grommet holes) . May vary. Also, the 9" bungee balls that fasten the screen to the frame add 4" on either side of the screen so the final frame size becomes 83" x 138".

Materials used (for a simple rectangular frame with no stand):

1. Seven (7) 1" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe (10' long) - cut to these lengths below (bought from hardware store):
a. Nine (9) 44" pieces
b. Eight (8) 39 3/8" pieces
2. 1" PVC fittings (bought from hardware store)
a. Four (4) 90-degree elbows
b. Six (6) T fittings
c. Two (2) Cross fittings
3. Pit Bull CHIC074 9-Inch Ball Bungee Cord (from also)

To add the stand, consider adding the following:

- 1" PVC Pipe cut to desired length of stand/legs/feet
- PVC fittings
Two (2) more Cross
Two (2) more T fittings

We are looking forward to enjoying our screen - outdoors or in!
By B_and_J September 2, 2017
I bought this screen to attach to a pvc pipe frame I made to make an outdoor theater screen. I was worried about it being folded and the lines being distracting. One you stretch the screen out the lines are not very noticeable and after a few hours in the sun the lines tend to disappear altogether. I chose this screen versus some of the others on because of the grommets on the outer edge of the screen. If you are planning on using this screen with a self made frame, this one if perfect. I am currently using zip ties to attach it to the frame and have them pulled nice and snug with no fear of the screen or the grommets giving out. Just an FYI, if you are making a custom frame to attach this screen too, the screen does stretch over time and needs to be tightened once and a while so make sure you give yourself a few extra inches on the measurements on your frame. I had made mine with 3 inches extra on all sides and at this point the black edge of the screen is touching the pvc on 3 out of 4 sides.
By PorkchopSandwiches October 6, 2017