Mount-It! Ceiling Projector Mount Height Adjustable Universal Stand Fits Epson Optoma Benq Viewsonic Projectors, 30 Lbs Capacity (Short) Brateck MI-606S

Mount-It! Ceiling Projector Mount Height Adjustable Universal Stand Fits Epson Optoma Benq Viewsonic Projectors, 30 Lbs Capacity (Short) Brateck MI-606S

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  • UNIVERSAL FIT – Mount-It! ceiling projector mount fits virtually all the projectors on the market. Four adjustable arms can be rotated individually and extended or retracted to suit various projector mounting patterns. Distance between mounting holes on back of projector must be 11.5” or less.
  • HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN – Made from high grade steel and supports up to 30 lbs.
  • FULL MOTION MOUNT – 360 degree rotation, +/-15 degrees tilt, +/- 15 degrees roll allows perfect projection angle
  • SAFE AND EASY INSTALLATION – Easily bolts to you projector with provided hardware. The quick release connector allows the projector to be installed quickly and then easily released for maintenance or security, without re-alignment.
  • LOW PROFILE – The projector mount sits 6” distance from the ceiling. The center of the ceiling plate is stamped out to allow cables to pass through for a clean and sleek cable management system.
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Mount-It! MI-606S is a universal ceiling mount for projectors weighing up to 29.7 lbs. It offers multidirectional positioning with four adjustable support arms that can fit a wide range of mounting holes. It is compatible with most popular Optoma, Epson, BenQ and Viewsonic projectors. This projector mount is perfect for use in classrooms, boardrooms, hotels, bars and restaurants or anywhere a projector needs to be mounted.

The quick release connector allows the projector to be installed quickly and then easily released for maintenance, without re-alignment. Heavy gauge cold-rolled steel material provides durable construction. Low-profile flush design installs the projector only 6" away from the ceiling.

Full motion design offer 360 degrees of rotation, a total of 30 degree tilt and 30 degree roll adjustment. Internal cable management for a clutter-free appearance. White powder coated finish provide a sleek and modern design. The mounting system comes with everything you need to assemble a complete mount in a single box.

To verify projector compatibility, please ensure the projector weighs less than 30 lbs. Then find the maximum diagonal distance between the bolt holes. The distance should be less than 11.5 inches.

Item was VERY easy to install. If you have any problems with the small washers, I'd recommend taping them with some "scotch tape" and push the bolts through. Also, as this was a first time install for me, I'd recommend mounting this first, THEN your screen. It's a lot easier to adjust your screen's mounting position that compensate for beam/rafter positioning.

As for the product itself, it is what you'd expect. Finish is very smooth and attractive, it's easy to adjust and I have not noticed any "wandering" from where I've set it up. Overall I just can't see paying any more for a ceiling projector mount when this works great, was easy to install and does it's job perfectly well. Highly recommend!
By Mike C. March 17, 2017
This was the first projector ceiling mount I ever purchased or installed, so at first I didn't have anything to compare it to. It was absurdly complicated to assemble, somewhat flimsy during vibrations, and required periodic re-adjusting, but overall I was reasonably happy with it (especially for the price).

However, after a year or so I decided to upgrade to a BenQ CM00G3 Universal Ceiling Mount and I was blown away with its ease of use and build quality. I'm a pretty handy guy but it took several hours to get the Mount-It model properly installed after fiddling with all the odd connectors and adjustments. The BenQ took closer to 30 minutes, it looks nicer, is much easier to align and adjust, and best of all it does not budge during vibrations or need consistent re-adjusting. The design of the arms that attach to the projector are essentially the same on both models, so pretty much any projector will fit on either mount (Epson 2045 for me).

I acknowledge this is kind of an unusual review that was only inspired by a better (more expensive) model, and it may not be fair to make comparisons with something that costs 3 times as much. But if you break down the amount of money you're spending on a projector, screen, and accessories, not to mention the installation time and future headaches, the relatively small amount of extra money spent on a higher quality mount like the BenQ seems much more appealing.
By DJ October 3, 2017
I have an Optoma UHD50 4K projector and this mount was a perfect fit. The only downsides were that I wish the stand had more upper swing. Meaning, the upper pivot point is limited with the degree of motion. To better fit the 100' screen in my theater, I was hoping to better dial in the size by using the mount functionality by swinging it forward a bit more. The other issue was the horrible engineering in setting up the pivot points with plastic washers. It was very awkward once the mount was hung to place and tighten the screws and plastic washers. At one point I had to tighten the screws down and the pressure broke the plastic washers (poor design). Other than that, the mount serves its purpose and does an "OK" job holding the projector in place.
By TJ June 1, 2018
This is a good mount, and gives you a lot of freedom to move the projector around. The majority of the assembly is straight forward, until you get to the part in between the long arm and the spider that attaches to the projector. Why on earth they didn't thread where the screws go into the long arm at this point I can't imagine. It makes for a tough assembly at that point - the rest is easy. If this one thing were changed I could give this 5 stars, but it is such an unnecessarily inept design failure that it deserves 1 star off. Great mount otherwise!
By GoodDog December 14, 2017
Came fully assembled, very easy to work with compared to my other super expensive mount ($150). Absolutely love it. Thank you seller!

Note a better/bigger 3 prong/universal mounting plate would be more helpful for those of us with ONLY 3 mounting locations on the projector. Basically, in the round mounting plate, if you make it about 2 inches larger in diameter with equally larger curved/slanted slots, it would be a lot easier for many of us to mount. It took a little extra time, but I was able to successfully mount my BenQ W1070 securely.
By Nathan May 22, 2017
It's a barebones mount. It came to do a job, and be as flexible as possible given it's price. Does it do it??? Oh yes, it does. This cheap mount will easily hold your 800 dollar projector, and it's fully worth the price. Don't concern yourself with spending tons more on some fancy mount. This one will do the trick, and you can use the money you saved to take your wife/husband/cat out for dinner.

My only advice. make sure you purchase a HDMI/POWER cable long enough. I'm 0/2.
By J. Harvey December 28, 2017
One of the things that attracted me to this product was the "quick release" in the description. I use my projector outside so it's only mounted when in use. In order to mount / unmount two allen wrench screws, two nylon and two metal washers have to be screwed. Also two others have to be loosened / tightened. Not fun at 1 AM after the movie is over or it starts raining out and you are trying to get the projector inside.

Other than that, it seems solid.
By B Freeman August 14, 2018
Not sure how to rate this. I received the product but it was a wall mount for a small TV and not the ceiling mount at all. I would have even tried to use it for a ceiling mount but the connection between the arm and the plate is made to swing into place like hanging a picture. Works well on a vertical wall but on a horizontal ceiling it would just fall off. was nice enough to refund with no issue. Hopefully my issue is a one time problem.
By Donald R August 3, 2018