1.8L LIVEN Electric Hot Pot with Separated 304 Stainless Steel Pot for Shabu Shabu Cooking Noodles Boiling Water Personal Mini Travel Pot Small Electric Cooker 1000W 120V DHG-180F

1.8L LIVEN Electric Hot Pot with Separated 304 Stainless Steel Pot for Shabu Shabu Cooking Noodles Boiling Water Personal Mini Travel Pot Small Electric Cooker 1000W 120V DHG-180F

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  • Material & Parameters: Pot body made of SUS 304 food grade stainless steel material. No plastic in contact with food, safe and healthy. Rated capacity 1.8L, rated power 1000W, rated voltage 120V. American power plug
  • Separated Pot Body: Separated design of pot body and power base, easy to take and wash, do not worry about cleaning, convenient to use. Bottom non-slip design prevents tilting of the pot body to avoid burns
  • Multi-Function: Great choice for the family stew, shabu, boiled, etc., such as boiled lamb, boiled dumplings, boiled noodles, boiled eggs, etc.. It is also a great choice as a gift to your relatives and friends
  • Adjustable Power: Three-speed fire adjustment 300W/700W/1000W. You can adjust the firepower according to different ingredients and different tastes, enjoy different cuisines
  • Anti-Burning Dry Function: This electric cooker has an anti-burning dry function. It will be auto off when no water in the pot, safe to use. Suitable for college students or take it for travelling
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The size of this hotpot was perfect and it definitely cooked everything nicely...except the main problem I ran into was that it stopped working after the 3rd time!! I mainly use this as a hot pot so I would throw in broth, then cook veggies, tofu, frozen meat etc like any other hot pot meal. It just stopped turning on. The light would flashed but that wouldn't turn back on. I am return mine.
By Julia August 8, 2018
For our purposes, it is great.
It's an electric grill/griddle with a heated lid. The two parts can be turned on and off independently. This version has the added bonus of having removable top/bottom plates for easy cleaning.

Unlike most of the electric griddles sold on , this just has one setting -- "high" (equivalent to medium high on an electric stove.) When you turn it on after plugging it in, it starts a timer. Once the timer beeps, the griddle is at the correct temperature for use, if you started with it "cold" -- if you unplugged it right after use and turned it back on again, it'll wait for the exact same amount of time before beeping. (So, no temperature sensors, but that's not actually necessary.) The lid also flips open so you can have two surfaces for cooking if you needed it.

Despite the enthusiastic LEDs encouraging you to "select a setting" after the plates heats up, it's actually totally optional. All the buttons on top do is start a pre-set timer that beeps when the thing's "done." None of the buttons affects how the plates work.

While the lack of selectable heat settings may be a problem for some, the fact it doesn't have those extra features may be a plus on the longevity department. Less components meant less chance for failure, after all.

The heat setting is also pretty good for most things. Steaks shouldn't be an issue, and we've done eggs and pancakes on this, too.
By Pei-Te Yu June 24, 2018
Pasta can not be cooked because it sticks to the bottom. When set to the lowest heating, the temperature is very high. Try to use a different pot, with a thicker bottom.

After entering the above opinion, a seller wrote to me. He was very kind. He offered help in solving this problem. The proposal is fair, so I'm pleased with the finale. I would have wished that all vendors were so professional
By MARTA August 5, 2018
It works fine. But it's a big pity that it doesn't have different level of heat. Although it provides lots of menu, I have no idea which one has lowest or highest temperature.
By Shannon December 14, 2017
good value。i like this grill so much. Thanks for for having this at a great discounted price
By B. LIN August 31, 2018
It was very good about a month. Enough size of pot, boiling quickly, but after a month it doesn't work at all.
By daeha choi September 21, 2018
Purchased the 1.8L Electric Hot Pot with Separate SS Pot. So far so good. It's relatively lightweight which makes it a good work/travel option, though not something I would put in luggage. The separate steel pot makes it easy to clean. The base of the pot is not thick, but in conjunction with the burner it means a quick boil.
The only negatives so far are that there are only 3 heat settings, which makes things a little tricky ar times. The thin pot also means you have to stir constantly if on the mid and high heat setting or risk burning contents.
By Frugal shopper July 9, 2018
Not very satisfied
By Fangfangliu March 10, 2018